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Born by Italian monks in A.D. 610, the first pretzel was made of the simplest ingredients: water, flour, yeast, eggs, and salt. We thank the forefathers of the pretzel for their contribution to our obsession, and hope that they would be proud of the new twist (pun intended) that we've put on their once filling, yet bland, snack.

Because here at Trust The Pretzels, we believe in the power of the spicy pretzels.

Those devilish treats with such force that the tongue used to consume them finds itself aflame in a
curiously satisfactory way.

Whose impact can be quenched only through the pairing of a cold beer...or two.

Whose lure has been likened to a siren's song -  tempting tastebuds until the consumer's hand
hits the bottom of the vessel they were served in.

Who leave devastation in their wake: "How could I eat so many? Are there no more? I need another beer."

We created Trust The Pretzels as homage to the snack who captured our tongues at first taste by spreading their deliciously addicting powers to only the bravest of the masses. 

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